Soon is coming a grand opening of the Palanga swimming pool and it is going to be commemorated with a big international swimming competition scheduled for March 28-29. Two events are scheduled to take place in this swimming pool: 25th annual V and V Katkevicius “Supermasters” and the second annual Euroasia Cup Tournament. “Before the registration for these two events is over, we can already tell that the championships are going to be quite busy and prestigious events. We are also glad because the number of participants is record breaking” – said the president of Kaunas Swimming Federation Arlandas Antanas Juodeska. It is becoming clear that more than 200 swimmers are arriving to Palanga from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarusia, Norway, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic and even far flung China. A Russian native Vladimir Predkin, who is a silver medal winner during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, is coming. Mr. Predkin is also a three-time European champion as well two times silver medal winner in the World Championships. There is no lack of famous Lithuanian swimmers amongst those who register to swim to these two events. We have Edgaras Stura coming who is the only Lithuanian veteran champion in the World as well as Edwin Dautartas who is also one of the best former Lithuanian swimmers. Eurasia Amateur championship is taking place in the 25 meter swimming pool. Disabled are also invited to participate in the Supertasters and Eurasia championship. Edgaras Matakas, a winner of the Paralympics is going to make an appearance in Palanga. In total, we are awaiting 15-18 swimmers who lives with the vision and movement impairment. This championship is special in that the physically impaired athletes are going to be swimming side by side with the rest of the swimmers. All swimmers are going to be put in groups based on their time in a prequalifying swim. This practice has been tested first time in Fabijoniskes Swimming Pool in Vilnius last year and proven that integration of physically impaired swimmers is possible, and in the end all swimmers were friendly and supportive to each other. “Viewers of these competition will be able to draw motivation and even themselves become stronger willed persons just from observing the highly determined physically impaired swimmers swimming side by side with world champions” highlighted A. A. Juodeska. At the moment the oldest participant at 95 years old is Zigmas Polinauskas, and we also are expecting a surprise appearance of well-recognized swimming trainer L. Katkeviciene, who turned 95 January 2020. This means that age range of participants is quite impressive: from 16 to 95 years old. Both V and V. Katkevcius and Eurasia Championship winners and runner ups will be awarded with medals especially designed for these events. Organizers are expecting support from the Sport Foundation under Lithuanian Department of Education, Sciences and Sport. Sport Foundation was created to promote and support swimming as a strategic type of sport among all groups and ages of Lithuanian citizens.

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